Technical Commission announce Pathway for Officials

IWBF Africa Technical Pathway

In discussion with the Technical Commission, it was decided that in its initial phase, IWBF Africa would embark on forming an Instructors panel and capture a database of all certified referees and technical officials with targeting established graded officials whether the official is a trained abled body or wheelchair member.

In its 2nd phase, the commission will launch an online entry level training program, workshopping Wheelchair Basketball principles and uniformed teachings in all of the African Regions, thus ensuring that the strategy established is to uniform a certification pathway for African officials and introduce a standardised grading system.

Once the NOWB’s have their panel of competent officials, the 3rd phase would be introduce which is identifying candidates officials for Zonal Certification.

The Commission identified a Panel of Regional Instructors headed up by the IWBF African Technical Officer, Mr Mahmoud Abd Elaziz Hassan. We take this opportunity and welcome all members to the African Technical Commission.

IWBF Africa Technical Pathway

Zonal techical instructors

Northern Zone

Wael Mustafa (Egypt)

Western Zone

Popoola Babatunde (Nigeria)

Central Zone

Iddrisu Gamel Ayambira (Ghana)

Eastern Zone

Zulfikar Karim (Tanzania)

Southern Zone

Charles Foster (South Africa)


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