Our Mission

The IWBF Africa strives to keep wheelchair basketball as the most successful and attractive Paralympic team sport in Africa. 

Our Mission is to encourage more people to participate and to continue to play wheelchair basketball in order to achieve their full potential.

Our goals

Our federation stands for team spirit, passion and success.

We believe that wheelchair basketball is the best Paralympic sport in the world because it pushes people beyond their boundaries to perform at their very best, offering transferable lifelong skills and friendships, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle for those who take part.

Our responsibilities

  • To encourage the growth and development of the sport in all African nations through an organized programme of education and instruction
  • To direct the work of the Zone on behalf of its NOWBs.
  • To organise the competitions of the Zone for nations and clubs.
  • To establish the standard for training and certification of referees, classifiers and examiners maintaining the same standard as IWBF.
  • To sanction all major competitions held within the Zone.
  • To control and maintain the classification of players, the issue of Player Identity Cards and Player Classification Cards as directed by IWBF