Classification Update and Developments

IWBF Africa Classification Instructors Appointments

The IWBF Classification Commission under the leadership of Ms. Loleta Krige has made the following Classification Instructor appointments with the aim of developing classifiers from all regions on the continent:

  1. Btihal Bouzakria
  2. Prince Adeshina Adeyemi
  3. Paula Vungi
  4. Solomon Berhanu
  5. Leandre Swanepoel

For information please contact the Classification Commission on

New Classification Requirements

The IWBF Classification Commission has been in deadlock with theInternational Paralympic Committee (IPC) over changes regarding Classification Eligibility of Wheelchair Basketball Athletes.

It is the decision of the IPC, that Wheelchair Basketball come in line with IPC classification regulations for Paralympic eligibility or face suspension from the games. This has resulted in the IWBF Classification Commission defining regulations in line with the IPC statutes Clause 1.2, which rules against the ‘minimal disability players’ (now termed as eligibility with minimum impairment criteria) in all National teams, whether it be in Paralympics or World Championships or subsequent qualification tournaments pertaining to such competition’s.

In a meeting with IWBF World, clear guidelines and clarification has been given to the Zones and in specific, the NOWB’s (Federations) with regards the decision on the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Classification Saga, surrounding athletes with minimal eligibility competing in National teams.

The decision following this decision impacts all National teams competing at World and Paralympic qualifiers and games with players of minimum disability

IWBF World Classification, will now make assessment of all National athletes, in line with the Eligibility Impairment Criteria, based on medical certification and in line with the IPC Classification code. The terminology is that for Eligibility, conditions must come from a Health Impairment Reassessment with prior underlying health conditions, before the minimum impairment criteria is considered.

However, the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) has stated that its Federations will allow Able Bodied athletes to compete in their Zones domestic club competitions. Until further notice, this will be the way forward Ms. Loleta Krige, IWBF Africa Classification Officer, will be sending out through the IWBF African Office, an update on what is required by NOWB’s national athletes, for competing in official competition.


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